Anthony Moor of Yahoo talks about journalism trends and product management

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A former investigative newspaper reporter, Anthony Moor has moved fully into the digital world. His job joins the traditions of legacy journalism with cutting edge media products. As a Director of Product Management at Yahoo, he’s responsible for overseeing Yahoo’s partner media portals. His goal: to help client broadband companies such as AT&T and Verizon improve their users’ experience by offering quality content on their websites. He initially joined Yahoo in 2009 as the Managing Editor of Yahoo’s local news efforts, then became Director of Editorial Operations, a position he held until this fall.



Moor said soon after he started at Yahoo, “ it became clear to me that my job at Yahoo would be mostly about building new local experiences — not managing well-established local sites.”

He said his stint at Yahoo was a departure from legacy newsrooms where he previously worked, including The Dallas Morning News, The Orlando Sentinel and Democrat and Chronicle.  “In all three of those instances, desktop was the most important platform,” Moor said. “We didn’t think so much about mobile and other platforms.” He’s said he’s seen that change throughout his dynamic career.

Early in his career, Moor worked as an investigative journalist in Buffalo, as a  state bureau chief in Santa Fe and as a reporter for ABC and CNN in Tokyo. He also was a reporter for San Francisco’s KRON TV. Moor also has served on the board of the Online News Association.

Join Moor now as he shares his insights about trends in journalism and opens the floor for questions.

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