A look into AJ+’s engagement leader Jigar Mehta


Jigar Mehta has been passionate about media and entrepreneurship since his days as a California Bear at UC Berkeley. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a masters in journalism, Mehta has built a career that focuses on fostering new ideas and reaching new audiences.

Mehta was a founding member of Matter, a start-up accelerator and early stage venture capital firm, that supports media entrepreneurship. Mehta has also worked for the New York Times, where he was a video journalist.
In fact, video storytelling has been a major part of Mehta’s career. His documentary project, 18 Days in Egypt was funded by the Tribeca Film Institute’s New Media Fund.

Most recently, Mehta has served as the Engagement Lead at AJ+. AJ+ is a relatively new media experience fronted by Al Jazeera, that was created in 2013. The goal of the channel, which is housed on multiple platforms including a mobile app, is to present current events in new and exciting ways. Nontraditional methods like animation, infographics, typography, and viral video play a large role in AJ+’s unique collection of new media content. Paired with feature-style profiles, informational videos, and human interest pieces, AJ+ strives to capitalize on the prevalence of online and social media on the global stage. Videos range from less than a minute to 10 minutes and cover a variety of topics.